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How important it is to prep your skin before makeup

If you think that skincare and makeup are two entirely separate entities, you are WRONG! If you want to go far, start early. As far as our makeup wisdom is concerned, prepping your skin for the flawless makeup is the golden rule if you want to ace perfect. This is the secret how your bangin’ base dreams come true. Don’t forget that makeup is temporary and skin is forever.

It’s a myth that makeup covers everything and you don’t have any need to exfoliate and hydrate skin. We swear by the fact that skincare prior to makeup application is paramount. It is important because it sets makeup smooth, settles onto your skin in a flawless manner, and gives long-lasting effect. Our skin is like an art canvas that is smooth, fresh, and moist. It allows the brush to paint easily allowing the tint to show the real vibrancy.

Before relying on your cosmetic bags, what you need is realizing your skin’s premier potential. You will see a visible difference when you include a skincare regimen in your makeup application. Your makeup will look much more even and radiant. It will glide on smoother when you hydrate, exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize the skin.

How we take care of our skin reflects how we treat ourselves. Using skin care products having their accurate knowledge can help prevent common skin care issues and early signs of aging. Quality products promote healthy skin while poor products can cause breakouts and long-term damage to the skin.

Your skin relies on preparation before any makeup application. Here you go with “how’ and “why”:

No wonder cleaning is a must

Never ever skip this step. The key is to start with clean, hydrated skin. It definitely comes with washing your face. Perfect looking complexion is not just about layering on the foundation. Use a face-wash that properly exfoliates your skin getting rid of dirt, oil, and dull skin. Otherwise flakiness might get in the way of your makeup going on smoothly. Dead skin cells sitting on the skin surface act as a roadblock in applying the makeup effectively. Exfoliation is often a neglected step which plays an important role for smooth foundation application. To get refresh and soften skin, you may splash some toner after it.

Don’t skip moisturiser!

“How to make the skin surface ready for makeup?”, “moisturizer” is the answer. It hydrates skin and removes flakes. If you feel that your skin is too oily to apply moisturiser, that’s your misconception. Every skin type has a different formula. Be it dry, oily, or sensitive, this step is a must. It has two effects. First, it smoothes skin’s surface, and second, hydrates skin under makeup so that it doesn’t look dull. Make sure that your day time moisturizer contains at least SPF 15 providing a complete sun protection.

Smoothen up with primer

Now that you’ve cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated your skin, it’s time to apply primer. Primer has to be your best friend for it is the top beauty enabler disguising skin imperfections. Makeup experts can’t do without a good primer in their makeup arsenal. A primer is somewhat like a magic wand for your makeup as it smoothes out pores and fills them in to make the skin’s surface velvety. It ends up making the skin silkier and well-prepped so that foundation and concealer can just glide on top comfortably. Else the application will look cakey. Primer also acts as a barrier between your skin and chemical-laden cosmetics which have the possibility to seriously irritate the sensitive skin. While blurring out the appearance of visible pores, it evidently brings out the tangible difference in texture.

Now you have got all the answers for the questions like, “Why isn’t my makeup staying longer?” or “Why is my foundation cracking?” Makeup is not just about contouring, highlighting, and mastering the skill of the perfect smokey eyes — it is about prep work, too.


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