Who doesn’t want to look flawless on her auspicious day of wedding? It’s your big day and you are stepping ahead to be a bride.

A wedding involves many ceremonies steeped in meaning. Our rituals are intended to bring peace, prosperity, and cheerfulness

Nowadays makeup is not limited to only brides and celebrities. Everyone needs to look fabulous whether they are heading

The term “editorial” describes anything related to print. Newspapers, magazines, and now social media and websites can be

A pre-wedding shoot is a photo shoot that generally takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day. If you are in search


Radhika Manchanda

You’ll be losing on the quintessence of your beauty if it is the too much use of artificial cosmetics you’ve been considering as makeup. I believe that nothing can outshine a Confident you. The true spirit of Makeup lies in bringing out a Bold and Pleasing you. Mastering the hack to enhance your beauty without hampering the natural features is something every client of mine thanked me for.

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Are you ready to change the way we see makeup? The soul of your Beauty lies in your natural features, not in those artificial cosmetics. For me, it as an art of making you feel Beautiful and Confident. We all hold a desire inside to look the most Charming and Elegant on the days of utmost importance in our life. Turn every special day of your life into a beautiful memory you can cherish. To seek advice and get your queries addressed.....

What They Say

Radhika is Amazing at her work. I got my makeup done by her on few occasions and I was never disappointed. She knows what looks best on you as per the occasion. I would definitely recommend her.
Mitali Nayak
I am not at all a fan of makeup. Hence was very apprehensive before I chose someone. For my reception, I wanted a subtle and simple look. Radhika gave me the exact natural look I was looking for. I couldn't be happier enough. When I go back and look at my pics, I love it and hats off to Radhika for making it happen
Sahana Ramanathan
Thank You so much Radhika for glamming me up just the way I wanted it to be. You’re tremendously talented. Thank You for the amazing job done. Now I know the right person to contact for my future makeups. GOODLUCK !
Priyanka Kalra
Natural Makeup with beautiful Hairdo? Radhika Manchanda is the name. She does her work stupendously. She did my makeup for my Sister’s Wedding and I was flooded with Compliments. Thank You Radhika for making me look absolutely gorgeous with your work. Strongly Recommended!
Anchal Dutta

Being a makeup artist is not only about making up a person with his or her professional skills, but it is also about creativity, talent, and ideas. Our Makeup artists are highly skilled and trained professionals, loaded with unimaginable creativity with a never-ending flow of ideas to change the appearance of any person.
Just formal academic qualifications are not enough for working in this field, but the creativity and interpersonal skills that count. And our makeup artists possess it. A keen interest in the art of cosmetics, hairdressing and styling and being well-equipped with the finest techniques and tiniest details in makeup to create a wonderful façade of any face, is what makes us great makeup artist in Delhi NCR including Noida, Gurgaon & Faridabad.

We are amongst the top 10 makeup artist in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida & Faridabad

With ever-increasing demand and desires of looking great and so with the demand of being glamorous in every field, from films to television, advertising, publications, magazine, fashion and even bridal, the need of good and talented makeup artists is also growing, especially in places like Delhi, Faridabad, Noida and Gurgaon.
It is an art to change the looks of a person, but it is also a need to create new looks for different personalities. Keeping in mind the facial structure of a person, his or her skin tone, and expression, our makeup artist performs the job. It requires great skills to master the use of different shades, colors, pallets, and brushes to make one look studded with adornments and decked-up.
Today it is a big challenge to be amongst the top make-up artists in Delhi. You can find the best makeup artists among our specialists in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad.

Traits of our good professional makeup artists in Delhi NCR

To be the judge as a professional makeup artist, one should have the adaptability in working with people. Our artists possess it as they have strong creative imaginations with the visual sense. We are good communicator at every level with proficient listening and empathizing skills.
Our makeup artists have the confidence and tact to suggest changes to change and improve the looks of any individual through your makeup. Our makeup artists are good team workers with pressure handling capabilities.

Working in the world of glamour, become a celebrity makeup artist

It is always a dream for any makeup artist to groom a celebrity and he or she becomes a Celebrity Makeup Artist in Delhi one day. We provide makeup artists for theatre, fashion, or the movie industry. It is a great achievement to work as a personal makeup artist of a renowned personality or star. Along with the bounty of remunerations, we also earn name and fame.

Working with the latest in the makeup world like AirBrush provides with the opportunity to become a master Airbrush Makeup Artist in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad. Our artists are sought after for skills in perfect look, flawless tans, and vanishing wrinkles with airbrush skills.
Another refined and advanced feature in the makeup world is HD makeup. We also have HD makeup artist in Delhi NCR with special effects makeup. Our team members are trained and earn recognition because of unique skills.

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