Pre Wedding Shoot



Exceptional couples deserve exceptional pre-wedding photo shoot

A pre-wedding shoot is a photo shoot that generally takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day. If you are in search of a best pre-wedding shoots makeup artist in Delhi NCR, you have landed on the right page.

There is something intrinsically beautiful about a pre-wedding shoot. The enthusiasm of getting married, the starting of a new life, lots of streaming emotions, and yes of course, the incredible love – all these are magnificently captured during such shoots creating everlasting memories for the couple. When you look back, you will observe not just how your day looked, but more importantly how it felt. Pre wedding shoot has gained a massive popularity in recent times. Pre wedding makeup depends upon the unique style or theme of the whole shoot.

You may simply think that you can get help of some online tutorials the night before the shoot and get the tips to do flawless eyeliner and perfect the art of blending and applying the right foundation so that you have an ideal look for the photographs; YOU ARE WRONG! For that reason having a professional makeup artist for the couple is a must. At that time, the couples are busy figuring out the perfect outfit, spending their time selecting a unique shoot concept and an interesting location for the best backdrops, that having a makeup artist is as crucial as it has been for the wedding day.


An artist sees
beauty in everyone!

The couple is the focus of each image and if they look fabulous, the pictures do as well. Looking dazzling in the shoot should be the main concern for the bride and groom to be. Though, getting the right look isn’t easy. A professional makeup artist will identify your skin tone and highlight your best features for a picture perfect look. Only a professional can understand the weather conditions and lighting and their tremendous effect on your overall look.

Radhika Manchanda is a professional pre-wedding shoots makeup artist in Delhi NCR who knows the significance of providing a gorgeous look to the lady of the hour. She gives effective makeup services and professional care; offering you the makeover you have always wished for. She has the expertise in the latest techniques of makeup and uses the products of top-notch brands only. She provides on time and on venue service. Her entire package includes makeup, hair styling, and draping. She has an array of solutions to glorify your personality on your pre-wedding shoot. Specializing in theme based photo shoots, she also assists the couple and the photographer in pulling off the desired look for their photos. She offers her clients the best services whereas she doesn’t provide trials for pre-wedding shoots makeup. The price package depends on the number of looks you need.


Look iconic andseize the moment

The pre wedding shoots usually last for hours with different costumes and locations. Your style has the influence to make or break the event. Having a knowledgeable makeup artist around is a wise deal. The bride-to-be should have her focus on the poses and emotions while having the ideal glow on her face. Thus, a hassle-free makeup by an expert will minimize the stress of packing a large vanity case and trying to get suitable makeup often. With Radhika by your side,
you won’t have to be bothered about the shade of your blusher and appropriate foundation, or no need to worry about which hairdo goes best with your outfit. Her effort brings diverse themes to life. Her understanding of the accurate style of makeup and hair makes the pictures look theme appropriate and timeless. Moreover, she offers proper hygiene and sanitisation methods to make you feel safe and protected.

During the shoot you may feel that your makeup and energy are draining away. At that crucial time, your makeup artist will persistently offer you refreshing touch-ups. Makeup artists help you feel comfortable and at ease. As a result, you will be relaxed and undoubtedly look great! From fixing your hair to correcting the lip colour and even fixing your outfit, Radhika would make sure that your makeup doesn’t fade away and you look elegant in each shot.

Feel free to contact Radhika Manchanda to book her for pre-wedding shoot makeup or any sort of queries regarding that. Let your makeup artist handle all your makeover worries so that you can just take pleasure in your shoot.


Charges Depends On The Number Of Looks