Editorial Shoots


A picture speaks a thousand words

The term “editorial” describes anything related to print. Newspapers, magazines, and now social media and websites can be considered editorials. An editorial shoot is a highly creative process that involves producing an illustrative story through the images. No editorial can happen without a professional makeup artist who has a multi-dimensional experience in this field. Editorial shoot involves finding the stability between the model and their makeup. Editorial makeup can have an innovative edge, or it can be natural looking. With good photographers, you also need an experienced and professional makeup artist for bringing out the best from your shoots. Only an expert makeup artist can give a continuation or idea of the story. The makeup for editorials is done from a pre-determined idea or concept. It is not the one that could be worn every day, but it should interpret the look that will help to achieve the image an art director, a brand, or a photographer demands. Editorial makeup gives flawless skin and perfection at its finest. Every element inside the images of the editorial shoot works together depicting the story or fashion trend. Only a skillful makeup artist can bring to life the idea, vision, and imagination of the photographer. The photographers give their inputs on how they want the model to look while complimenting the concept of the shoot. It can only be possible when the makeup artist has in-depth knowledge and experience of the editorial makeup and running trends.

Your Look

Spice up your look, be sensational

An editorial makeup artist should be talented enough to make the model look attractive on social platforms and print by just using the minimal makeup as well as should have the expertise to play with bold, classic, dramatic, or avant-garde looks. Having the knowledge of what is best suited for each client has a tremendous importance for a makeup artist, so that the makeup and hairdo interpret the story magnificently through the lens. Radhika has a plethora of experience handling Editorial Shoots as a makeup artist and she has proven her mettle every single time. Giving you a poised, suave, and elegant look is her field of expertise. She specializes in providing the versatile, elegant, and natural looks enhancing her client's best features, and ensures they look just gorgeous in every photo. She understands the value of multiple interpretations of a story and is always ready to transform her clients’ look as the photographer wants them to. She uses high-brands, long-lasting products, suitable for all skin types. For makeup and hairdo, her approach has always been “less is more,” but with an editorial twist. To her, it means ensuring they appear wonderfully made-up but natural under a HD photography lens. Her ultimate goal is to ensure her clients feel comfortable, confident, and calm. So that they remain focused on what they are doing while enjoying the shoot. Her passion includes creating exquisite and sophisticated look while delivering incomparable client satisfaction. Her passion for the art of makeup is beyond comparison. She employs her in-depth knowledge and immaculate skills to craft bespoke beauty and hair makeovers that are unique. She is recognized as a Professional Editorial shoots Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR.


Help your brand stand outfrom the crowd

Constantly fuelling her learning curve, Radhika hugely stresses on regular training for herself. Having trained with top brands, he  knowledge of first-class products and advanced techniques is an exceptional quality that reflects in her sound status. Her work speaks for herself as she has devised innumerable sensational looks that have earned her supreme goodwill. Distinguished for her attention to detail and imaginative makeup, Radhika is a maestro and the most sought after makeover specialist. Luckily, she now falls among Top 10 Editorial Shoots Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR. ​Radhika’s expertise in "on camera" beauty, lighting, and high definition products, will assure you that your portrait will turn out exceptionally beautiful. Moreover, she offers proper hygiene and sanitisation methods to make you feel safe and protected. The pricing is based on the number of looks you require.

To conclude, editorial shoot makeup has to be camera perfect as beauty holds the central place in it. The makeup artist should be trendy, creative, and experimental to get the desired results with added oomph. It is all about bringing the vision to life. Radhika Manchanda is now a brand to reckon with in the makeup and fashion industry. Bestowed with the fame amongst the Best Editorial Shoots Makeup Artist in Delhi NCR, she still keeps herself on toes to further hone her skills. Her classic yet modern touch in makeup fits naturally with modish, youthful, and creative brands.


Charges depends on the number of looks